Edoardo Mosconi from CNR is the Winner of Feltrinelli Giovani 2019 in Chemistry. The Feltrinelli Prize (from the Italian "Premio Feltrinelli", also known as "International Feltrinelli Prize" or "Antonio Feltrinelli Prize") is an award for achievement in the arts, music, literature, history, philosophy, medicine, and physical and mathematical sciences.

The prize is awarded, both nationally and internationally, once every five years in each field by Italy's Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. A further prize is awarded periodically for an exceptional enterprise in moral and humanitarian value. Considered to be Italy's most distinguished scientific society, the organization was founded in 1603 and included Galileo Galilei among its first members.

Link: https://www.raicultura.it/articoli/2019/11/ESL-Article-Item-0cb5c845-cb74-4cfa-ab5e-8955c4c391d5.html 

PSC module test on a building’s facade in Warsaw

Following the idea of zero-energy buildings, Skanska - a leading development and construction company in Europe - installed a perovskite solar panel delivered by Saule Technologies on one of its office buildings’ facade. The aim of the project was to ascertain the best solution for integrating a panel with a building’s facade without interfering with the construction process or the design.

Internet of Things Bluetooth beacon powered from PSC appears on IDTechEx Show! in Berlin

Organized by IDTechEx, a technology and market research firm, Berlin’s technological fair witnessed an IoT beacon demonstrator developed by Saule Technologies. Perovskite solar cells as an efficient energy source in low light indoor environments have a chance to completely eliminate the need to utilize and replace batteries in IoT applications.

Saule Technologies and PVthin joining forces

Perovskite solar modules hold a great potential to make renewable energy production even more sustainable. The manufacturing at Saule Technologies is based on abundant raw materials, and utilizes low temperatures in ambient conditions to fabricate ultra-thin photovoltaics. based solar cells with excellent and promising results.

Onyx Solar installing its innovative PV glass

Onyx Solar is in the process of installing its innovative PV glass in the Edmonton Convention Center in Canada. The installation is planned to be finished in the following weeks.

Espresso partners presented results on carbon-based perovskite cells in Dyenamo online workshop

Our first online workshop with the theme "Perovskite solar cells using carbon paste DN-CP01" included four presentations and gathered appr. 40 participants from nine countries. We were astonished by the response considering the fact that it was arranged with such short notice.